Small Claims

At Bright & Sons Solicitors we can provide expert legal advice on a full range of small claims matters, including property claims, consumer claims and debt recovery for both individuals and businesses in Essex, London and throughout the UK.

What is the Small Claims Court?
The Small Claims Court in England and Wales is an ordinary County Court Claim with a value of under £10,000, which is allocated to a process called the Small Claims Track.

The differences between the Small Claims Track and the Fast Track or Multi Track court claims are:

  • The dispute can usually be dealt with at trial in under half a day
  • The Court will not set complicated directions to be complied with
  • The successful party can recover some expenses from the other party but will not be able to recover their legal costs (save for a small fixed allowance)

Legal disputes that are ordinarily dealt with on the Small Claims Track include:

  • Bad workmanship
  • Disputes about utilities or telephone charges
  • Consumer claims (e.g. goods not delivered or damaged)
  • Disputes over shared charges (e.g. roadways)
  • Debts owed by a friend or family
  • Damage to your property or other property claims
  • Debts owed by a tenant
  • Dispute with a landlord
  • Disputes over service charges

Small Claims Procedure
The Small Claims Procedure is intended for people to represent themselves. However in our experience many parties would prefer the support of specialist solicitors who can provide legal advice on the merits of a claim, flag up any potential pitfalls, give explanations of Small Claims Court Procedure and to help with correct completion of various forms and statements.

With Bright & Sons you don’t have to worry about escalating small claims fees. We can offer a fixed price menu of legal services for the Small Claims Track, which enables you to choose what you would like help with and how much this will cost you in advance. You can review the modules and prices (which include VAT) from our Fixed Fee Small Claims Advice Scheme brochure.

The Fixed Fee Small Claims Scheme is intended to facilitate you to represent yourself with the reassurance that you can obtain legal advice and guidance at any stage you need it. We will not be representing you (except for the Final Hearing if Module 5 is utilised) and the correspondence will be carried out by yourself. This helps to keep costs down, as a significant proportion of solicitors’ standard charges are the result of all correspondence involved.

If your dispute is of sufficiently high value (but under £10,000) and you would like us to deal with the whole matter so that you will only receive communications from us and not the Court or opponent, we can offer this service, which will be charged at a rate of £125 per hour plus VAT.

This is a different service as we would be the claim solicitors on record with the court.

If you are successful in obtaining a County Court Judgement (CCJ) against your opponent you may need to enforce payment. Your options as to how you may go about enforcement of a judgement debt are outlined here.

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